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Care for children in Shropshire

Loving and engaging care for the little people in your life

Childhood is a magical world of first steps, blossoming imaginations and endless potential, and Phoenix Healthcare Group are proud to say our services include the precious little people in your lives.

Yet this doesn't mean we simply offer ‘adult services' for children, just as childhood isn't a downsized version of adulthood. We provided dedicated CQC-registered care for children in Shropshire and the wider UK is CQC-registered care and support for under-16s, built around the particular needs of little people as they move along the path to young adulthood.

For compassionate children's home care in Shropshire and the rest of the UK, choose Phoenix.

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What makes our childcare special?


We put safety first

Phoenix Healthcare Group follow the Philomina Protocol to the letter, widely seen as the golden standard in safeguarding children.

We build additional layers of security into our childcare services by maintaining strict records, carrying out regular risk assessments, training our staff extensively and building open communication with families to ensure the safety of the little people in your life.

We co-produce our care plans

Phoenix Healthcare Group cherishes the unique nature of every child, and honours this by building care plans around them instead of hoping they adapt to suit us.

Nobody understands the quirks of a child better than their guardian/parent, which is why all our care plans are co-produced with them to provide the very best outcomes for the children in our care.

We help everybody adjust

Involving a carer in childcare can mean a tricky adjustment for all involved, both for the little person needing to come to terms with a new person in their life and the parent/guardian who may be feeling a loss of control.

That's why we have both picked our children's healthcare assistants for their empathic natures and put them through further training to equip them with the skills needed to navigate these delicate situations, making sure that the child and their needs come first.






Nothing is too big or too small when it comes to your little ones.

Let's work together to build a plan for children's home care in Shropshire and the rest of the UK. Get in touch with us at

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How do we ensure the best possible care?

 Your healthcare assistant is fully trained

Our children's healthcare assistants go through an intensive training course to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to provide the best care possible for your little ones. This includes an initial 5-day face-to-face induction, followed by a further 2 days of paediatric training

 Your carer is matched to your needs

In order to help ease the transition into the caregiving process, we have developed a child-and-family matching process. We first provide a personal profile of the carer (Along with a photo to help children with autism or similar conditions familiarise themselves with a new face), before giving the child and their parent/guardian the chance to meet with their carer before the care plan begins with structured meet-and-greets.

 Your child is supported by our paediatric nurse

Qualified advice is never far away, thanks to the presence of our in-house paediatric nurse. From general tips to specialist interventions, our nurse is always available to answer your questions, soothe your worries and provide sound, medical-grade advice on everything from teething troubles to social development.


A carer helping a boy in a wheelchair

A young boy with paint on his hands



What community care services do we offer?

Domiciliary Care Calls

Simple pop-in calls to assist with personal care, meals, manual handling, medication or anything else your little one needs.

Complex Care

Nurse-led care for children who need extra clinical support on account of injuries or complicated health conditions. Please see our Phoenix Complex Care page for more information.

Respite Social Calls

Give yourself a well-earned break while we take your loved one on days out and about in the community. This is available either as a one-off or as a repeat service.

Family Holiday Support

Our carers are more than happy to come with you on holidays, allowing you to enjoy your time away without the extra stress or worry.





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