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Domiciliary care in Shropshire

All the care and attention of supported living, right at home

A care package from Phoenix Domiciliary Care is more than a one-size-fits-all solution – It's a fully tailored person-centred care plan that's co-produced with you to cater to your exact needs and help the care recipient not just get by, but thrive.

Your loved one deserves the best, and we're here to provide.

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How do we put together our care plans?

Before we put pen to paper to craft your care plan, we listen – How can we build a goal and outcome-based plan without knowing what they are?

Through a simple sit-down, our team will come to understand the needs, aspirations and passions of you and/or the care recipient, which serves as the foundation for a unique co-produced care plan. Whether the end goal is concrete like mastering a new hobby, more abstract such as regaining independence or emotional in nature, the plan is designed to move the recipient forwards towards this while taking care of the day-to-day.


What makes our care plans different?


One transformative element of caregiving that most companies struggle to provide is a continuity of care. It can be the difference between feeling like an object being passed around by faces and names you barely get to know, and being taken care of by trusted companions who anticipate your needs and know your preferences.

We do everything we can to ensure a strong continuity of care for each of our clients, creating a real sense of comfort and security that allows the care recipient to relax and build fulfilling relationships with their caregivers.


The difference between a good care plan and a great care plan is how well it can be adjusted to look after both the primary recipient and their loved ones.

In the interest of taking care of you and ensuring you can live the life you want, Phoenix Domiciliary Care are proud to offer vacation support. This means our carers can come on travels with you, providing familiar and reliable care without encroaching on your lifestyle. Relax, explore new places and create memories knowing that consistent, high-quality care is close at hand.


Our services are rounded out by a cutting-edge digital service that revolutionises access to care, providing round-the-click accessibility for both service users and their next of kin anywhere on the globe.

This keeps your loved one connected with our care network wherever life takes them and empowers you to remain in control of the caregiving process.


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What's included in our care plans?

As they are completely built from the ground up around the needs of individuals, no two domiciliary care plans from Phoenix Domiciliary Care are the same.

With that said, as standard they can include:

Pop-in calls
throughout the day and night, lasting from 30 minutes all the way up to 4 hours

Day calls
starting from 6am up to 10pm

Weekly rotas
all while adhering to our commitment to a continuity of care


24/7 care plans

On-hand clinical advice
from our team of registered nurses

Medication administration


Personal care

Nutrition and fluid support

Mental health support


Manual handling

Shopping calls

Domestic tasks

Fulfilling social support
getting your loved one involved in the community, attending clubs or cultivating hobbies


A carer bringing a man his lunch



We understand the importance of feeling assured of the service you will be receiving

All staff have quality checks at regular intervals to ensure the standard of care you receive is always at the level you expect and deserve.