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Where you get to be a hero every single day

Phoenix Healthcare Group was founded to make a difference in the care industry. Our mission is to provide a level of care that doesn't just meet the basic needs of our clients, but helps them to embrace life in all its fullness on their terms. It's only thanks to the brilliant, compassionate people that make up our team that we're able to offer such a level of dedicated care. That's why we're always searching for empathetic people to join us as a carer or care assistant.

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Whether you're a care apprentice or a care champion, we can help find the next step in your journey.

To find out more about upcoming opportunities for home care in Shropshire and the rest of the UK, please send us an call us at 

 08000 982821

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What are the benefits of working with Phoenix?

 You're supported in mind and spirit

We want our carers to retire with us, and to that end we seek to reward, empower and listen to them at every turn. You'll receive a great benefits package including support with travel, birthdays off work and free mental health support whenever and for whatever you need.

 You get to make a difference

As a Phoenix carer, you will have an opportunity to make a difference in people's lives every day. There is a special kind of fulfilment that comes from helping others lead better lives, which has kept members of the team working in the industry for decades, and we are certain that once you experience it for yourself, you'll see what we mean.

 You'll be set on a stable career path

The care industry is remarkably stable, always in demand and offers many different ways to specialise. All our employees are enrolled on as apprentices to work towards qualifications, and as they stay with us, they are offered opportunities to move into niche services such as paediatric care, complex care or nursing.




Looking to find out more about this special calling?

Feel free to give us a ring about  08000 982821 if you have any questions about home care in Shropshire or the wider UK, the benefits of working in care or any upcoming vacancies.




The Phoenix Healthcare Group Journey

Confident and passionate caregiving is only possible when carried out by confident and passionate caregivers. Whether you join us as a newcomer to the wonderful world of caregiving or have past experience of working in the industry, we follow a 4-step system that builds (or rebuilds) your caregiving confidence and fosters your passion.


Step 1: Helping you to grow

Confidence can only come when you have a starting point. After you join us, you will be put through an induction that helps us (and you) get to know your strengths and weaknesses so we can understand what you're excellent at and provide you with mentorship. We celebrate progress over perfection at Phoenix Healthcare Group.


Step 2: Opening doors

Our leaders aren't faraway faces on some chain of command who you'll never get to know, but people you'll come to know and become friends with. We encourage an open-door policy where you can feel comfortable to share ideas, voice your concerns and provide suggestions.


Step 3: Encouraging constructive feedback

We foster a culture where feedback doesn't just come from the top-down, but from fellow peers in the same position as you. This means your achievements and progress will be acknowledged and celebrated, while areas for improvement are recognised so they can be built upon.


Step 4: Celebrating you

There's no such thing as a perfect caregiver. Everyone has different experiences and personalities, meaning they bring something new and exciting to the table. Whatever quirks or special traits you have that set you apart as a carer, we will hone in on and celebrate them just as your care recipients will come to appreciate them.